Where to obtain sperm cryopreservation services for cancer patients

Sperm Cryopreservation for Cancer Patients in Frisco TX Area

At NTMIC Sperm Lab, we help men in Frisco, Texas, start or continue their family. Whether patients are considering infertility screenings or want to preserve their sperm for future children, Dr. Jeffrey Buch and his team can assist. This includes male fertility preservation with sperm cryopreservation for cancer patients. How can cancer affect a male patient’s sperm? Male patients with cancer may experience changes in their sperm due to the effects of cancer treatment. Some of the common treatments for cancer, such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy, are known to damage the DNA in sperm cells or decrease one’s sperm … Continue reading

Understanding the process of sperm collection and storage for male fertility preservation

Sperm Collection and Storage in Frisco TX Area

Iotilityf you are a male considering fertility preservation options for yourself and your family, the team at NTMIC Sperm Lab of Frisco, Texas, can assist. Dr. Jeffrey Buch has spent decades helping patients to achieve their goals of starting or expanding their families. Male fertility preservation often includes sperm collection and storage at our facility and can be used by new and current patients at our practice. Understanding the process of sperm collection and storage for male fertility preservation The process of sperm collection involves ejaculation into a sterile container, followed by laboratory testing to assess the quality and quantity … Continue reading

Frisco Patients Keep Options Open with State-of-the-Art Sperm Banking

Patients Keep Options Open with State-of-the-art Sperm Banking in Frisco Area

Safeguarding your ability to father children has never been easier. Sperm banking is an affordable, low impact option for patients facing any of the variety of issues that can reduce sperm count or motility, including the natural aging process. Collecting, freezing, and securely storing sperm early can preserve your sperm in accessible doses that will remain usable for many years. If you reside in the Frisco, TX area and you are interested in learning more about the benefits of sperm banking, Dr. Jeffrey P. Buch at NTMIC Sperm Lab is a nationally recognized authority, specializing in male infertility. He can … Continue reading

Sperm bank in Dallas suburb of Frisco, Texas, describes their sperm storage service

Sperm Storage Service at NTMIC Sperm Lab in Frisco Texas Area

Men who are interested in sperm banking for storage and later personal use in the Dallas suburb of Frisco, Texas may want to take the time to speak with Dr. Jeffrey Buch of NTMIC Sperm Lab to determine if they are a good fit. When men are undergoing certain procedures or are dealing with concerns such as prostate cancer, they may decide to bank their sperm for later use. Sperm storage is a service proudly offered by Dr. Jeffrey Buch.  Men considering sperm storage services are encouraged to book an appointment at our facility to learn more about the process … Continue reading

Four steps to successful sperm freezing, retrieval procedure, and pregnancy in the Dallas suburb of Frisco, TX

Sperm Freezing Procedure at NTMIC Sperm Lab in Frisco TX Area

The sperm freezing procedure at NTMIC sperm lab in the Dallas suburb of Frisco, TX, goes by many different names, from sperm banking and cryopreservation to cryofreezing and cryobanking. Yet, these terms all refer to the same thing: the collection, exacting processing, and freezing of sperm, so that these sperm samples may be preserved and accessed for use at a later date. For many of NTMIC Sperm Lab’s patients, the freezing process has been appreciated with other names such as “Godsend”or “blessing.” Our stringent, precise protocols and sophisticated techniques have helped couples successfully get pregnant – even 14 years after … Continue reading

What you need to know about sperm banking from a clinic near McKinney, TX

Sperm Bank Clinic Near Mckinney TX area

Sperm banking, or cryopreservation, has changed the game when it comes to assisting individuals with reproduction. It can help avoid the need for repeat surgeries in couples who are going through multiple cycles of in vitro fertilization. Furthermore, it also helps men who are undergoing medical treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation or those with deteriorating sperm quantity or quality where once there was almost no chance for a future family. If you are considering freezing your sperm, the NTIMC Sperm Lab Clinic near McKinney, TX offers patients the following information about what you should know about the procedure including … Continue reading

Male infertility expert in Dallas TX describes the process before, during, and after sperm cryopreservation

Concept of bank sperm, Inferlity bank with sperm

Preserve your future fatherhood plans today, with the sperm banking process in Dallas TX at the NTMIC Sperm Lab. Freezing sperm for use at a later date isn’t a guarantee of a successful pregnancy; however, samples stored at very low temperatures retain their integrity indefinitely. NTMIC Sperm Lab has helped to make healthy pregnancies possible with sperm frozen for 14 years! Sperm donation explained Nationally-recognized authority on male infertility, Dr. Jeffrey Buch recommends this process should you have medical conditions or treatments that impair fertility. Retrieve cryobanked sperm whenever you and your partner are ready. Sperm can be used for … Continue reading

Protect your happy, healthy future with quality sperm banking services

Sperm banking services in Frisco TX

If you (or your partner) don’t produce enough sperm, the sperm don’t function as they should, or they are blocked from reaching an egg, male infertility may contribute to challenges in conceiving a child. There are many conditions that affect sperm quantity, quality, and function. We’re happy to help men and couples take a long-term view and plan for their futures before the ability to conceive becomes an issue – with sperm banking services in Frisco, Texas. The NTMIC Sperm Lab is led by a national authority on male-factor infertility, Dr. Jeffrey Buch. For over two decades, we’ve set ourselves … Continue reading

Make your dreams for a family come true with reliable sperm banking services

NTMIC Sperm Lab in Dallas TX offers a sperm banking service that you can trust to safely preserve samples and future plans.

Analysis of 185 studies spanning almost 43,000 men who provided sperm samples between 1973 to 2011 found a significant 50 to 60% decline in sperm counts worldwide. Led by a foremost authority in male infertility, Dr. Jeffrey Buch, NTMIC Sperm Lab offers sperm banking services in Frisco and the greater Dallas, Texas, metroplex. This type of service has helped millions of men around the globe to become fathers. Get to know your options Sperm counts provide just one part of the overall picture; sperm banking starts with a comprehensive analysis of samples. You can trust NTMIC Sperm Lab’s reputation as … Continue reading

A guide to sperm banking from one of the country’s top male infertility experts

NTMIC Sperm Lab, Aa leading male infertility treatment center in Dallas TX explains what sperm banking is.

Parenting can still be in your future by partnering with one of the country’s leading male infertility experts, Dr. Jeffery Buch, and the NTMIC Sperm Lab. Unparalleled diagnostics and storage protocols contribute to a sperm banking center serving Frisco, Dallas, greater Northwest Texas, and beyond with a history of helping couples achieve their family goals – in one case, 14 years after specimens were first stored! Basics: What is Sperm Banking? “Banking” refers to collecting, freezing, and storing sperm for potential future use. Advances in assisted reproductive technologies mean the highest quality sperm isn’t a “must” for banking to be … Continue reading

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