There is no need to see a doctor before scheduling male infertility testing. NTMIC Sperm Lab welcomes self-referrals. This is a smart move for couples who are experiencing difficulty in starting a pregnancy, or for the man who just wants to know his fertility status.

Important facts about fertility:

  • The standard definition of “infertility” is one year of unprotected sexual relations without conceiving.

  • Eighty percent of couples who are trying to get pregnant will conceive within one year of not using birth control.

  • When a woman is aged 35 or older, “infertility” is defined as only six months of unprotected relations.

  • A woman’s fertility declines between the ages of 35 and 40, then drops steeply.

  • Couples may assume they are in the “normal” 80 percent, then find out too late that there is a problem with the man’s fertility.

  • If you think there is any chance you may want to have children in the future, schedule a pro-active visit to NTMIC Sperm Lab to preserve your potential to be a parent.

  • Semen analyses show that the male is a factor in up to 50 percent of infertility cases.

  • For one third of couples struggling with infertility, the man’s physiology is the sole factor.

  • Even if a woman has known issues with ovulation or cycle regulation, her partner could still be the deciding factor in whether she conceives.

  • Couples who have been unsuccessful in starting a family should consider male infertility testing before the woman treats with hormone regulation medications or undergoes invasive, costly procedures.

Call NTMIC Sperm Lab at (972) 616-4477 to schedule a compassionate, respectful consultation. This call is your first step toward peace of mind with regard to infertility.

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NTMIC Sperm Lab - 5 Star Rating Review by Love, Joann, Bill and Matthew Rating: 5

Dear Dr. Buch
Bill and I would like to thank you for everything and for our beautiful son. We think of you often, and how lucky we were to have had such a wonderful Doctor. We hope that everything is going well for you and we wanted to send you some pictures of Matthew. We will never forget you and how you helped make our very special wish come true. Thanks again.
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