Frisco Patients Keep Options Open with State-of-the-Art Sperm Banking

Safeguarding your ability to father children has never been easier. Sperm banking is an affordable, low impact option for patients facing any of the variety of issues that can reduce sperm count or motility, including the natural aging process. Collecting, freezing, and securely storing sperm early can preserve your sperm in accessible doses that will remain usable for many years.

Patients Keep Options Open with State-of-the-art Sperm Banking in Frisco Area

If you reside in the Frisco, TX area and you are interested in learning more about the benefits of sperm banking, Dr. Jeffrey P. Buch at NTMIC Sperm Lab is a nationally recognized authority, specializing in male infertility. He can talk about the options available to you, and help you determine the best course of action, given your personal goals and needs.

What to Expect from the Sperm Banking Process

Sperm banking is a relatively straight-forward process for patients with a variety of concerns. First, you will go over your goals with Dr. Buch, who will walk you through the process and answer any questions you have. If sperm banking is right for you, your role in the process is minimal and over quickly. In the vast majority of cases, semen will be collected through masturbation. In the few cases where this is not a possibility, it can be obtained by medical means. Once collected, the semen is cryogenically frozen under the expert direction of Dr. Buch.

Until you wish to access the stored semen for potential use, your specimen remains safe and secure in the NTMIC facilities, regularly monitored with state-of-the-art equipment. When you are ready to achieve pregnancy, the specimens are thawed and examined. If everything goes according to plan, and the sperm remains viable, reproductive technology is used to achieve pregnancy, with success rates depending on the individual, personal factors. Dr. Buch can go over your medical history and discuss expectations in this area.

Once frozen at the NTMIC labs, sperm can remain viable indefinitely. The NTMIC Sperm Lab has achieved pregnancy with sperm stored for up to 14 years.

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When and Why to Begin the Sperm Banking Process

Patients see Dr. Buch at NTMIC Sperm Lab for a variety of reasons. Some are concerned about the natural loss of sperm viability that occurs with age, while others are preparing for a medical procedure that may impact sperm count or motility, such as a vasectomy, chemotherapy, or various surgeries. Whatever your reason for considering sperm banking, Dr. Buch can talk you through the benefits of freezing your sperm, so you are fully informed and ready to make the decision confidently.

One way of thinking about it is: sperm banking extends the lifetime of your sperm. It is a simple option available to all post-pubertal males. The process can be effective and useful late into life, ensuring you or your family has a viable sperm sample far into the future, regardless of what may happen.

To find out more about the sperm banking process or talk with Dr. Buch about how to begin, call the NTMIC Sperm Lab and make an appointment at (972) 616-4477.

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Dr. Buch!
You are "THE MAN". We just want to thank you for the top notch job and services provided by you and your staff. None of this would have been possible without the wonderful works of God and the knowledge bestowed upon you. Kristen has truly been a blessing and has made our family complete! Here's a photo of our little bundle of joy!

Dr. Jeffrey P. Buch

Dr. Jeffrey P. Buch

With several decades of experience in male infertility analysis and treatment, Dr. Buch has helped numerous men to not only understand their fertility status but has also assisted them to become proud and happy fathers! In a modern office environment, Dr. Buch provides you with comfortable and genuine care in a skillful manner to guide you to make your baby “dreams” a reality!
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