Sperm wash treatment: A process that helps Dallas, TX couples start families

Process of Sperm Wash Treatment in Dallas TX area

Congratulations! You have found the person you want to share our life with. You are ready to start a family, and you have been trying. It just isn’t happening, though. Intrauterine insemination (IUI) could be the next step, but it is an expensive and emotional one. Some couples repeat IUI multiple times before successfully conceiving. Some are not successful. The process of sperm wash treatment could dramatically increase your chances of conception with IUI. Dr. Jeffrey Buch has brought this joy to many couples across the Dallas, TX area. Three key factors in male fertility Semen analysis evaluates the clinical … Continue reading

Effective treatment options for male infertility available in Dallas, TX

Treatments for Male Infertility in Dallas area

Historically, people have regarded issues with fertility as “female problems,” but in reality, that is not the case at all! Approximately half of the infertility cases involve the man in some way, and about one in every three infertility cases is solely due to an issue with the male. At NTMIC Sperm Lab, patients in the Dallas, TX area who are facing male infertility can find effective treatment options and the non-judgmental expertise they seek. Dr. Jeffrey Buch works with each patient individually to understand the reason behind their fertility issues and customizes each treatment plan to their specific needs … Continue reading

Leading male infertility expert in Dallas discusses the importance of properly preparing for a semen analysis

Preparing for a Semen Analysis in Dallas area

The laboratories that conduct semen analysis vary in terms of skill and protocol. Led by a nationally-recognized male infertility expert, Dr. Jeffrey Buch, and guided by exacting standards, NTMIC Sperm Lab offers accurate testing that you can trust. The results from such analysis inform the treatment that ultimately leads to successful conception. It’s not unusual for patients to visit NTMIC Sperm Lab after receiving a false report of “normal fertility” from other laboratories. To assure the accuracy of your results, it’s also important to follow instructions provided by our professionals so the best sample is obtained. Preparing for semen analysis … Continue reading

Male infertility expert in Dallas TX describes the process before, during, and after sperm cryopreservation

Concept of bank sperm, Inferlity bank with sperm

Preserve your future fatherhood plans today, with the sperm banking process in Dallas TX at the NTMIC Sperm Lab. Freezing sperm for use at a later date isn’t a guarantee of a successful pregnancy; however, samples stored at very low temperatures retain their integrity indefinitely. NTMIC Sperm Lab has helped to make healthy pregnancies possible with sperm frozen for 14 years! Sperm donation explained Nationally-recognized authority on male infertility, Dr. Jeffrey Buch recommends this process should you have medical conditions or treatments that impair fertility. Retrieve cryobanked sperm whenever you and your partner are ready. Sperm can be used for … Continue reading

What is a sperm “wash”? Male infertility expert in Dallas, TX discusses benefits of washing process

Dr. Jeffrey Buch helps couples experience the benefits of sperm wash in Dallas, TX for infertility treatment.

NTMIC Sperm Lab has helped couples improve their odds of getting pregnant with sperm washing. Also known as sperm processing or preparation, sperm washing is a lab technique that isolates the sperm with the best chance of reaching and fertilizing an egg. This process removes impediments that stand in the way of sperm successfully fertilizing an egg; for example, seminal fluid can interfere with sperm’s ability to “do its job.” Seminal fluid is among those components that are removed. The washed sperm is later used in artificial insemination methods like intrauterine insemination (IUI). The Benefits of Sperm Wash in Dallas, … Continue reading

Quality semen analysis first step in helping Frisco TX area couples overcome fertility challenges

Quality semen analysis in Frisco TX

It’s estimated male fertility challenges contribute to close to one of every two cases of infertility. So, understanding these challenges is important to improving a couple’s chances of getting pregnant. Semen testing provides the critical knowledge that forms effective treatment plans; however, diagnostics vary dramatically from lab to lab. You can trust Dr. Jeffrey Buch and his team at NTMIC Sperm Lab for quality semen analysis in Frisco, TX. A nationally-recognized authority on male factor infertility, Director Dr. Buch has established NTMIC Sperm Lab as a regional reference laboratory for semen testing, providing accurate semen analysis for male infertility in … Continue reading

Sperm banking services in Frisco TX protect your happy, healthy future

Sperm banking services in Frisco TX

If you (or your partner) don’t produce enough sperm, the sperm don’t function as they should, or they are blocked from reaching an egg, male infertility may contribute to challenges in conceiving a child. There are many conditions that affect sperm quantity, quality, and function. We’re happy to help men and couples take a long-term view and plan for their futures before the ability to conceive becomes an issue – with sperm banking services in Frisco TX. The NTMIC Sperm Lab is led by a national authority on male-factor infertility, Dr. Jeffrey Buch. For more than two decades, we’ve set … Continue reading

Dallas clinic understands your unique needs for sperm washing techniques that enhance fertility

Male infertility authority and NTMIC Sperm Lab director Dr. Jeffrey Buch helps couples conceive with washing to enhance the quality of sperm for use in fertility treatments

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports 50,000 deliveries of at least one baby occur each year using Assistive Reproductive Technologies or infertility treatments. Sperm washing is used with Intra-Uterine Insemination (IUI) and may be used with In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) to enhance sperm quality. The higher the quality – sperm quantity, movement, structure – the better you and your partner’s chances of getting pregnant. Your Dallas Sperm Washing Clinic determines how this service can help you with accurate diagnostic analysis. One of the country’s few laboratories of its kind, NTMIC Sperm Lab is led by an authority in … Continue reading

Ensure a future family with reliable sperm banking service in Dallas TX

NTMIC Sperm Lab in Dallas TX offers a sperm banking service that you can trust to safely preserve samples and future plans.

Analysis of 185 studies spanning almost 43,000 men who provided sperm samples between 1973 to 2011 found a significant – 50 to 60 percent – decline in sperm counts worldwide. Led by a foremost authority in male infertility, NTMIC Sperm Lab offers sperm banking service in Dallas TX – the type of service that has helped millions of men around the globe become fathers. Sperm counts provide just one part of the overall picture; sperm banking starts with comprehensive analysis of samples. You can trust NTMIC Sperm Lab’s reputation as a regional reference laboratory for sperm testing and its elevated … Continue reading

Accurate testing and reliable sperm washing service helps men in the Dallas area become fathers

Sperm washing requires very little preparation.

Sperm washing is a very technique-specific approach to increasing your chance of becoming a father. For this reason, it’s important to put your trust in a Dallas Sperm Washing Service that is experienced and knowledgeable about this technical procedure. The NTMIC Sperm Lab in Frisco, TX is led by nationally-recognized fertility expert, Director Dr. Jeffrey P. Buch. Dallas-Fort Worth area residents benefit from having one of the country’s few sperm laboratories in close proximity. NTMIC Sperm Lab has developed a reputation as a regional reference laboratory for semen testing; you can be confident in the accuracy of the lab’s diagnostics. … Continue reading

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