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“Motility” refers to “motion.” And how sperm moves is an integral part of the overall quality of these male reproductive cells. Other labs tend to fail to accurately test and assess motility as a contributor to a man’s sperm health. 

Sperm Motility Test in Frisco TX Area

Led by an internationally recognized authority on male infertility and reproductive health, Dr. Jeffrey Buch at NTMIC Sperm Lab serves Frisco, Texas, and the surrounding Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex with semen analysis that men and their partners can trust. Dr. Buch has provided exceptional diagnostic and therapeutic expertise for men and couples for over 37 years.  

We closely scrutinize all the criteria for a valid test of a man’s sperm sample. We also abide by exacting standards, precise techniques, and strict protocols when providing all assessments. These assessments are vital; they inform “next steps” that are effective and result in successful conception for couples who have struggled with fertility issues. 

Other labs with less exacting and precise quality standards and procedures may provide a reasonably accurate evaluation of the volume of semen in a sample and the concentration or density of sperm per milliliter of semen, and they fall short in two key areas: 

Motility and Morphology 

It is not sufficient to simply measure the number of sperm. Trusted labs also evaluate how the sperm move, in addition to sperm count. Test results characterized as “normal” would find very few non-moving sperm. Abnormal results would generally show a higher number of non-moving sperm than moving sperm. 

Additionally, if sperm are moving slowly, sluggishly, or “non-progressively” (a lack of forward, “progressive” motions), these results, too, would suggest sperm motility issues. After all, the sperm must be able to swim to meet the egg in the woman’s fallopian tube, where fertilization normally occurs. 

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Morphology. This factor is often the most important because it refers to the size and shape of the sperm. Healthy sperm feature an oval head, the part of the cell’s structure that contains DNA necessary for successful fertilization of the egg.  Furthermore, the sperm must be perfectly smooth on its outer surface which carries the chemical properties needed to attach to and penetrate the egg.  Another sign of healthy morphology are long tails. The tail aids in the sperm’s ability to swim toward an egg. 

The quality of sampled sperm can be adversely affected by a wide range of medical issues including varicose veins of the testicle called varicocele, the aging process, and rarely, lifestyle factors. Accurate and complete results from testing can tell the professionals at NTMIC Sperm Lab about the potential sources or contributors to male fertility issues. From there, Dr. Buch can work with you to develop a plan that supports healthy sperm, increasing your odds of becoming a father. Semen testing is not “just” about the quantity and concentration of healthy sperm within a sample. We go beyond the “numbers.” Our lab appreciates and accounts for the many factors contributing to normal male fertility. Our team is also discreet, respectful, and professional. You can trust us at every stage of the process. Call (972) 616-4477 with questions and to learn more about our services. Our lab in Frisco, TX, may also be reached at the “Contact Us” form on this website.  

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Dr. Buch!
You are "THE MAN". We just want to thank you for the top notch job and services provided by you and your staff. None of this would have been possible without the wonderful works of God and the knowledge bestowed upon you. Kristen has truly been a blessing and has made our family complete! Here's a photo of our little bundle of joy!

Dr. Jeffrey P. Buch

Dr. Jeffrey P. Buch

With several decades of experience in male infertility analysis and treatment, Dr. Buch has helped numerous men to not only understand their fertility status but has also assisted them to become proud and happy fathers! In a modern office environment, Dr. Buch provides you with comfortable and genuine care in a skillful manner to guide you to make your baby “dreams” a reality!
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