Parenting possibilities with sperm banking

Frisco area patients who are interested in making parenting a possibility are encouraged to speak to Dr. Jeffrey P. Buch of NTMIC Sperm Lab about sperm banking. Also known as semen cryopreservation, this method of freezing sperm can be beneficial in a variety of situations. Men may consider this service when:

Parenting possibilities
    • They are undergoing treatment for cancer that can impair the production of sperm. This includes radiation and chemotherapy.
    • They will be taking a new medication over a long period that may affect their sperm, such as methotrexate or sulfasalazine or testosterones.
    • They are having medical procedures and surgeries performed around the area of the testes or prostate that may affect the ability to ejaculate or produce sperm.
    • They have a medical condition that is affecting their ability to ejaculate. This includes diabetes or multiple sclerosis.
    • They are undergoing a vasectomy and want to preserve their sperm.
  • They work in a facility that may introduce toxins that can affect reproduction.

What is semen cryopreservation?

Semen cryopreservation is essentially the act of freezing sperm to be used later. Patients often consider this in the situations above in which their sperm or ability to ejaculate may be compromised soon. It is highly successful and has been available for decades. The process continues to be improved to ensure higher impregnation results over time.

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Dr. Jeffrey P. Buch and the team at NTMIC Sperm Lab are here to provide solutions. If you are interested in semen cryopreservation, contact our professionals today by calling (972) 616-4477. We encourage patients to discuss with a professional if it can be beneficial for their specific needs in making parenthood a possibility! Our practice is conveniently located at 5757 Warren Parkway, Suite 110-B in Frisco, TX and offers discreet, reliable services for new and existing patients.

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Dr. Buch!
You are "THE MAN". We just want to thank you for the top notch job and services provided by you and your staff. None of this would have been possible without the wonderful works of God and the knowledge bestowed upon you. Kristen has truly been a blessing and has made our family complete! Here's a photo of our little bundle of joy!

Dr. Jeffrey P. Buch

Dr. Jeffrey P. Buch

With several decades of experience in male infertility analysis and treatment, Dr. Buch has helped numerous men to not only understand their fertility status but has also assisted them to become proud and happy fathers! In a modern office environment, Dr. Buch provides you with comfortable and genuine care in a skillful manner to guide you to make your baby “dreams” a reality!
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