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In 1994, the year NTMIC Sperm Lab was founded, the average monthly apartment rent was just north of $500, and movie tickets would set you back $4 per ticket. As much as consumer goods have been affected by inflation, professional services since then have skyrocketed, which makes NTMIC’s fees all the more surprising (in a good way!). The cost of the sperm analysis test at the Frisco, Texas facility has changed little for many, many years. The test costs around $110, which is significantly less than what other labs charge. Moreover, those facilities whose fees may approximate ours, cannot say the same of their level of expertise and the standards that they adhere to in the collection, processing, and analysis of sperm.

Sperm Analysis Test at NTMIC Sperm Lab in Frisco Texas Area

Unsurpassed value

NTMIC Sperm Lab is led by Dr. Jeffrey Buch, the North Texas region’s leading authority in male infertility. He and his talented staff offer an unrivaled level of accuracy in defining fertility problems among their male patients, and their laboratory diagnostics are unparalleled. Through the years, Dr. Buch has routinely identified low fertility in many patients who previously received a “normal” fertility report based on screening conducted at a lab that doesn’t adhere to NTMIC’s exceptional standards and comprehensive analysis. Notably, these false reports stem from the failure to accurately assess two factors that affect the ability of sperm to reach and penetrate an egg:

  • Morphology – This characteristic refers to the percentage of normally-shaped sperm within a sample. Normal sperm generally have a smooth, oval-shaped head, well-defined cap, and lack visible abnormalities in the neck, midpiece, and tail. While abnormally shaped sperm can still fertilize eggs, a low morphology score using our “strict” criteria correlates with reduced egg penetration ability.
  • Motility – Healthy sperm wriggle and swim their way through the cervix, uterus, and fallopian tubes. So, motility refers to healthy movement. It is generally accepted that men are most likely to be fertile if at least 40% of their sperm have rapid movement (fast swimmers).
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Other labs often fall short on motility and morphology scoring but they do a reasonable estimate of the two other main factors that influence sperm health: the volume of semen (fluid) ejaculated and the count of sperm in millions per milliliter (sperm count or density). We at NTMIC Sperm Lab get the “whole picture,” and with such accurate diagnostics in hand, our couples are able to move forward with treatment that is effective and therefore more likely to obtain a successful, joyous result.

You get both expertise and value on your investment in a semen analysis done at NTMIC sperm lab. With your hopes and dreams riding on the need for accurate, comprehensive semen testing, we encourage you to combine the best of “both worlds”: affordable analysis and exceptional expertise. Call NTMIC Sperm Lab at (972) 616-4477.

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NTMIC Sperm Lab
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Dr. Buch!
You are "THE MAN". We just want to thank you for the top notch job and services provided by you and your staff. None of this would have been possible without the wonderful works of God and the knowledge bestowed upon you. Kristen has truly been a blessing and has made our family complete! Here's a photo of our little bundle of joy!

Dr. Jeffrey P. Buch

Dr. Jeffrey P. Buch

With several decades of experience in male infertility analysis and treatment, Dr. Buch has helped numerous men to not only understand their fertility status but has also assisted them to become proud and happy fathers! In a modern office environment, Dr. Buch provides you with comfortable and genuine care in a skillful manner to guide you to make your baby “dreams” a reality!
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