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When couples visit NTMIC Sperm Lab in the Dallas, TX area, they are introduced to one of the most renowned directors in the area who offers solutions for male infertility. This fertility clinic welcomes new patients who are ready to assess their fertility to conceive a child.

Contact NTMIC Sperm Lab, male fertility clinic near Dallas, TX to learn about solutions for infertility.

What is male infertility?

Male infertility results from defective function of the male reproductive system. Male infertility can be the result of several different issues. It may be the result of medical, environmental, or lifestyle causes, and may include:

  • Heavy drug or alcohol use
  • Stress
  • Obesity
  • Radiation
  • Overheated testicles
  • Chemical or metal exposure
  • Celiac disease
  • Medications
  • Chromosome defects
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Tumors
  • Infection
  • Varicocele
  • Low sperm count
  • Low sperm motility

Determining the cause of male infertility often starts with a sperm analysis. Sperm analysis will determine if there is an issue with the sperm itself before evaluating other causes such as a medical reason or the use of certain prescription medications that may be having a negative effect. Dr. Jeffrey Buch and his team work closely with patients to determine the cause of infertility and find a solution that works.

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How does sperm analysis help with determining the cause for male infertility?

Sperm analysis starts with a sample of the sperm. The sperm is then run through a series of tests and examined closely to check sperm count, mobility, shape (morphology), etc. This can provide an answer as to why a couple has had issues with conceiving a child. If sperm analysis is inconclusive, then other reasons for infertility are considered and evaluated, such as medical and environmental factors.

What solutions are available for male infertility?

How does sperm analysis help with determining the cause for male infertilityPatients with infertility issues need to speak to our team of professionals about the options available to them. There are many different solutions based on the cause of the fertility issue. This can only be determined with a thorough evaluation by the team at NTMIC Sperm Lab.

Who can visit NTMIC Sperm Lab for a solution?

Anyone interested in evaluating the reasons for their male infertility are welcome to schedule a consultation appointment and examination with the team at NTMIC Sperm Lab. Our team is dedicated to helping find a solution, so patients can see results with their fertility. We can also suggest evaluations for women through a referral to other laboratories for testing, if both the man and woman want to be examined for possible fertility concerns. Our practice focuses on providing male infertility services.

What other services are available at NTMIC Sperm Lab?

other services are available at NTMIC Sperm Lab

    • Sperm banking – for patients considering medical treatment that may affect their sperm, sperm banking is readily available. This is a way of keeping sperm ready for use later. This is a great precaution for any male who is undergoing certain procedures that may be detrimental to their sperm supply or quality.

Millions of couples in America struggle with infertility and it can be devastating for those who want to start or expand their family. With the help of Dr. Jeffrey Buch, couples can achieve their goals by conceiving their children. Male infertility services are our specialty, and we work hard to ensure patients have access to solutions that meet their needs, so they can achieve their goals.

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Dr. Buch!
You are "THE MAN". We just want to thank you for the top notch job and services provided by you and your staff. None of this would have been possible without the wonderful works of God and the knowledge bestowed upon you. Kristen has truly been a blessing and has made our family complete! Here's a photo of our little bundle of joy!

Dr. Jeffrey P. Buch

Dr. Jeffrey P. Buch

With several decades of experience in male infertility analysis and treatment, Dr. Buch has helped numerous men to not only understand their fertility status but has also assisted them to become proud and happy fathers! In a modern office environment, Dr. Buch provides you with comfortable and genuine care in a skillful manner to guide you to make your baby “dreams” a reality!
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