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If you’ve been exploring fertility treatments, you’ve probably come across the term sperm washing but aren’t exactly sure what that means. While the name might sound strange, sperm washing increases the chances of fertilization by using only the healthiest, strongest sperm. At NTMIC Sperm Lab in Frisco, Texas, sperm washing is one of the procedures that we offer to help our patients on their journey to conceive. Here’s how it works.

Sperm Washing Fertility Treatment Frisco TX

What is Sperm Washing?

Sperm washing is a form of sperm preparation that separates the sperm from the semen and removes sperm with low motility and mucus, proteins, and other fluids that are not desirable for artificial insemination. The healthy sperm are then concentrated into a special solution that preserves them before fertilization.

There are several different techniques for sperm washing, and each is performed in a series of steps to separate the best sperm from the specimen.

Types of Sperm Washing

After the sample is collected, one of three washing techniques can be used.

Simple Sperm Wash

This technique involves using a solution of antibiotics and proteins to dilute the sperm. The sample is then spun in a centrifuge to cause the sperm cells to accumulate at the bottom of the test tube. The entire process takes about thirty minutes.

Premium Sperm Wash

This technique takes the simple wash a step further by removing the white blood cells and other waste fluid from the sperm. Using density gradient centrifugation, different fluid concentrations are layered in a test tube, with the semen placed on the top layer. The test tube is then spun in a centrifuge to isolate the most motile sperm and separate any debris and poor-quality sperm. This process takes about an hour and is the preferred technique used at NTMIC Sperm Lab.

Swim-Up Technique

This method ensures the healthiest, strongest sperm are utilized for artificial insemination by relying on sperm self-migration. The semen sample is placed into a culture dish with a layer of media. The best motile sperm will then swim up to the media culture for harvesting. This process takes about two hours and is not suitable for men with low sperm counts, low motility, or male-factor infertility because the sperm will have difficulty swimming toward the media. It is the least efficient process for sperm wash.

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What is I.U.I artificial insemination? 

Intrauterine insemination is a procedure for treating infertility. After the sperm washing process is completed, the sample is placed into the uterus through a small catheter inserted into the cervix. Placing the healthy, active sperm closer to the final destination of the fertilized eggs allows for more sperm to enter the fallopian tubes and increase the chances of pregnancy.

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